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Twentyseventh World Congress 2017

Stuart Jamieson

Chancellor of WSCTS

Dear Colleagues,
It gives me very great pleasure to welcome you to Kazakhstan for the 27th Annual meeting of the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

As most of you know, the Society was founded in 1990 by some of the original pioneers in cardiac surgery, with the goal of having a truly international forum for the exchange of ideas and progress in clinical care and research. The annual meetings are therefore held in many parts of the world. The 26th annual meeting was in Cape Town, South Africa, and the 27th annual meeting in Astana, Kazakhstan. The 2018 meeting with be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Chancellorship of the Society was held since the initiation of the Society in 1990 by the late Juro Wada of Japan, and I took over as Chancellor in 2007. I have attended the last twenty-two meetings of the Society, which have been held in many parts of the world. Every year, the steering committee of the Society, made up of the officers of the Society, the Past Presidents and the Regional Representatives, selects the host country for the annual meeting, three years in advance. The unanimous choice for the meeting in 2017 was Kazakhstan. In the past twenty-two years I have seen the annual meetings progressively increase in participation and quality. The meetings now are very widely attended and the quality of the presentations outstanding – made up of not only invited lectures by the world leaders in the respective topics, but also selected international presentations of submitted abstracts.

Astana is a vibrant and exciting city which has a stunning architecture. The quality of medical care is of the highest level. The National Research Cardiac Surgery Center, under the leadership of Dr. Yuriy Pya, is a regional leader in innovative surgical techniques.

Today Astana is not only a major administrative centre, but also the place where innovative ideas become a reality. It is an excellent choice for the meeting in 2017, and I encourage your participation.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Yuriy Pya

СЕО JSC “National Scientific Cardiac Surgery Center”

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
It is a great pleasure for me to announce that the 27th Congress of the World Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons (WSCTS) will for the first time be organized in the Eurasian continent.

Kazakhstan is a wonderful country located right in the heart of Eurasia, occupying a vast area of historic Great Silk Road, at the junction of East and West, north and south. This is the place where ancient meets modern; and oriental traditions coexist with Western culture.

Between June and September next year Kazakhstan will also be in the centre of another international event – the “EXPO-2017” specialized exhibition. During the days of the exhibition, Astana will be filled with the spirit of different cultures from more than 100 countries. Since EXPO-2017 are our official partners, the WSCTSCongress participants will also have the chance to attend this truly historic event.

The young capital Astana, also considered as a revolution in social architecture, offers a great range of beautiful sights to its visitors, one of which is the Palace of Independence – the official venue of the WSCTS Congress. The scientific program will include presentations of abstractsby renowned international researchers and master-classes using innovative technologies, to provide delegates with information on recent research findings, new technologies and up to date education. In addition to providing an interesting scientific and educational program the WSCTS Congress will serve as a get-together for cardiothoracic surgeons and allied health professional from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center I warmly invite you to join us in Astana for an exciting and stimulating congress that will reflect recent developments in cardiac and thoracic surgery.

Abstracts book

Download the abstracts book of the 27th Annual meeting of WSCTS in Astana, Kazakhstan.


The Congress was organized by the JSC “National Research Center for Cardiac Surgery” on behalf of the WSCTS.

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