Astana, a Heart of the World

Welcome to Astana! The Kazakh capital will open up new horizons not just for your eyes, but for your hearts!

August 31, 2017

A young and amazing city of Astana is an epitome of Kazakhstan's ambition. A Heart of the World, this is the title awarded to the Kazakh capital by the UNESCO. The history is being written right here - in a promising economic zone, brand-new scientific area and a vibrant cultural hub.

The first mention of Aqmolinsk (the city's original name) dates back to 1830. Since its founding year, the history was unfolding for the city destined to become Kazakhstan's capital in 1997. Along the Yessil River, two parts of the capital - an "old town" with its instantly recognizable Soviet ambience on the right bank and a futuristic skyscraper city on the left - harmoniously complement each other. Meanwhile, Astana is the world's youngest capital by its residents' median age: an average Astanite is 33 years old.  In the year when Kazakh capital was moved from Almaty to Astana (1997), the city's urban population was just 275,000 people. Compare this to 1,000,000 residents currently living here!

The city has immense potential: its construction industry is booming in anticipation of EXPO 2017, conditions for economic growth, development of science and healthcare, societal development and living standards' improvement are firmly set. Emphasis is placed on growth of domestic tourism, sports and education.

August 31, 2017

A special highlight is our capital's urban design. World-famous architects contribute to Astana's changing cityscape with unique buildings, each of them an instant landmark: the Palace of Peace and Concord, Hazret Sultan Mosque, Khan Shatyr Mall, Astana Opera, Kazakhstan Concert Hall, Kazak Yeli Monument, Douman Aquarium, National Museum and many other remarkable objects. The city symbol is the Baiterek monument, an eponymous representation of the Tree of Life, where a gigantic mythical bird Samrouk nested and laid its golden egg.

August 31, 2017

Astana is open to visitors from all around the globe: its sports and cultural facilities, hotels, restaurants and palaces are ready to host events of the highest profile, annually accommodating international forums' guests in thousands. We are proud of our museums, a thriving opera scene, beautiful plazas, lush green parks and fountains.

The capital's climate is worth mentioning as a separate point: four seasons manifest themselves in all their glory. Breathtaking sky views over Astana will blow your mind with ever-changing colors from gold and coral to turquoise of the heavens and sunny glow to evening horizon's tender pink morphing into the dark of a blue black moonless night.

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